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if you’re contemplating a home remodel or new build, you may be overwhelmed with options or might even be wondering if it’s possible on your property or if you can even afford it. There are many questions that may be keeping you up at night.

Well, good news. We’re here to put you to sleep. No, not by boring you but by putting your mind at ease with a complimentary planning & design consultation to get all your questions answered. And you’ll walk away knowing what’s possible, what your options are, and what your next steps are. You’ll have a plan!

Call the number below, submit the form, or use our live chat below to schedule your complimentary meeting with a building and design expert who is also familiar with the building & remodeling regulations here in the Silicon Valley. (We’ll let you know what’s required there too!) We can’t wait to help get you on the way to your dream home. Sleep well!

Schedule an appointment and put your nagging questions to rest!

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