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One of the most important and difficult decision you will make in the process of a kitchen renovation is what type of countertop material you want. With so many choices available at a homeowners’ fingertips, it’s becomes even more difficult. Since this surface area has a strong influence on many kitchen palettes, it is crucial to select what appeals most to you, not only physically, and financially, but will hold up the activity in your kitchen.


Granite is easily the countertop material of choice – this natural stone has plenty of character with unique grains, colors, customizable finishes, and defines the elegance in a kitchen. When sealed accordingly, it’s one of the most reliable options out there. As the popularity of granite rises, the price decreases. The natural beauty of the stone compliments even the most modest kitchen. 

Pros: Sustains heat, comes in a wide array of colors to pick from, will last a lifetime, 2nd hardness rating, and has a high value to homeowners.

Cons: Can be expensive, but becoming more modest, requires some maintenance, stains can be permanent if not sealed properly, dullness can occur if you cut on it with knives, potential to crack if not stressed or installed inadequately.


This particular selection of stone is composed of 93% quartz stone , and 7% polymer resin. The range of colors is larger than of granite and has a non porous that resists scratches.

Pros: Eeasy to maintain without annual sealing, resistant to stain and acid. 

Cons: Expensive, but comparable to granite and significantly cheaper than marble.


This  surface is exactly what they are called, solid,  all scratches can be sanded out. 

Pros: Comes in a variety of colors and patterns, seamless, and stain resistant.

Cons: Susceptible to hot pans and stains which can damage the surface, moderately expensive. 


Not only is ceramic tile easy to maintain, durable, and is a great choice for countertops in a standard home. 

Pros: Withstands hot pans, easy to clean, larger range in price, texture, color and design.

Cons: Surface is not entirely balanced, chipping and cracking can occur, grout becomes susceptible to stains, and custom designed tiles can raise the price. 


Wood offers a warm and homey look, and is available in a wide variety of colors and finishes. For a few, wood and countertops just don’t appear to mix. However, finding the right high-quality wood with the right sealer can make for a beautiful and long lasting kitchen countertop.

Pro: Easy to clean, smooth, little maintenance besides the occasional sanding and re-sealing if necessary.  

Cons: Frequent contact with water and stain over time makes wood susceptible to damage, scratches need to be oiled and or sealed.


Due to the high price, marble kitchen countertops are not seen often in whole kitchens. But marble has still kept its unrivaled, classic look that always appears to be in style. To achieve the clean, luxurious look, use it as a countertop choice on an island or inset at a baking center. 

Pro: BEAUTIFUL, heatproof, waterproof, softer stone than granite.

Con: More expensive than granite and other stones, scratches and stains easily, porous, may need resealing occasionally according to manufacturer’s instructions.

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