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Winter Patio Designs That You Will Love!

People who have patios try to make the most use of it by having a ton of summer barbecues and get-togethers with their loved ones. Having a well-designed and properly maintained patio can really transform your home’s aesthetic and boost curb appeal, which in turn can really add value to your residential property. With winter just around the corner, you do not need to just neglect your patio or feel like there is no use you can make out of it in the cold weather! You can have just as much an enjoyable time in your yard during the winter as you did during the summer. Here are some winter patio designs that you are guaranteed to fall in love with!

Add a Good Ol’ Fireplace/Fire pit!

Nothing screams cozy like a fireplace! Get those rustic bonfire feels by installing an outdoor fireplace in your patio! Not only does it really look very picturesque, but also makes for a superb outdoor activity that people can enjoy during the winter, while keeping themselves nice and warm! So just grab some sticks and marshmallows and enjoy yourselves around the crackling fire! You can also opt for portable fireplaces instead of permanent ones, which is perfect for indecisive individuals. Furthermore, you can also add a table and a grill so that you can do some more outdoor cooking during the winter.

Patio Heater with a Stone Patio

Those who prefer to have a more modern touch in their homes should opt for an outdoor heater for their patio. It is an easy and quick way to stay warm outdoors. A way to make it seem more rustic would be to install a natural stone flooring on your patio to maintain the appeal that the great outdoors offer.

Sun Porches

A good home improvement tactic that is both weather appropriate and chic is building a sun porch. It will be functional as wind break walls surrounding you will still allow you to view all that is around you, but also stop cold winds from making you freeze to death. Win-win!

Blankets and Pillows

Of course, nothing is as cozy as having warm colored throw pillows and blankets on your patio furniture to huddle up outdoors during the winters. It can be especially helpful to have colorful pillows and blankets if the patio furniture’s upholstery is light colored.

Enclosed Patio

There is no better and foolproof way for homeowners to make the most of their patios during the winter than by installing an enclosed or sheltered patio! Patio covers or a full enclosure can really help to achieve a comfortable look, while allowing you to mesmerize in the beautiful scenery outside. There are many options you could go for, such as glass or plastic walls depending on your preference and budget.

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