what to do during power outage

Having electricity available is something we take for granted. For the most part, we can’t be too certain as to when we may lose electricity. Power outages occur during storms, hurricanes, and fires. The most recent fires: Thomas, Rye, Creek, Skirball, Lilac and fires have posed threats to our families right before the holidays. Good news is that both Skirball and Lilac fires are both 100% contained. As for the remaining, we can only hope for the best.

Now you can’t forecast when the lights will go off, but you can take the necessary steps to prepare yourself in case of an event it does happen. Let’s take a look on how to prepare your home so you are ready the minute the lights turn off.


Did your power just go out? Firstly, go check your fuse and circuit breakers to see if your household isn’t the only one affected. Take a peek outside to see if your neighbor’s lights are on, there’s a good chance it may be just your electrical system.


In the case that your neighbors have also lost power, there is a high chance that the outage has widely spread. Pack a bag including:

flashlightcandlesbottled waterextra batteriesfirst-aid kitmanual can openercanned foodbattery-powered radio and clocksternos or similar heat source for cooking


In order to survive comfortably while the power is out, have a stockpile readily available that will make this event easier. According to Red Cross, you will want to gather a second kit of supplies following the initial emergency kit. Second kit includes:

Water bottlessanitationpersonal hygienegasoline to fill up your gas tankboard gamesglowsticks


If conditions don’t change, you may need to search for a safe haven. Look for: local churches, schools, or community centers  where supplies and shelter are provided for those in need.


Lastly, we can’t forget about the little ones. Keeping them entertained shouldn’t be an issue if you have old fashioned board games. Monopoly, Apple to Apples, and UNO are great to play. Other activities to keep them busy: reading a book, coloring and telling stories are great ways to encourage them to continue to learn.

In the end, keep this in mind: A large amount of human beings are gathered together to help support one another while access to electricity is unattainable. This is the time where we appreciate electricity the most, so remember, you’ll be fine without it.

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